Simon de Pury at Newlands House. Photo by Elizabeth Zeschin.


Contemporary culture
from $100 to $100M

Anton Corbijn

de PURY Presents ‘Anton Corbijn’
de Pury presents Anton Corbijn
Anton Corbijn reveals a special presentation of rarely seen, limited and final editions of photographs including portraits of notable figures such as Kate Moss, Virgil Abloh, Damien Hirst, Gerhard Richter, and Naomi Campbell to name a few.
Corbijn’s style of photography gives a raw edge to his subjects, capturing imperfection and personality by shooting with a slow shutter speed to capture gestures and movement in a unique way. Starting in the late 20th century, his style of producing black and white photos using grainy film became an important part of our visual culture, and is a technique that has been widely utilised since.
Explore his work virtually on de PURY Presents and by appointment only at The Hague.

Vanessa Beecroft

de PURY Presents ‘Vanessa Beecroft - Ceramics and Paintings 2016 – 2021’.
de Pury Presents Vanessa Beecroft
Vanessa Beecroft exhibits an exclusive selection of sculptures and paintings of females and nudes.
In this new body of works, started in 2016, Vanessa Beecroft introduces classical sculpture and paintings as an extension of her performance and video art. It interrogates the male gaze and societal pressures of being a woman.
Explore her work virtually and by appointment in Beecroft’s LA Studio.

Henry Hudson

de PURY Presents ‘Henry Hudson - Microcosm’ June 1 ‑ September 10, 2021.
A portrait of Sean Scully by Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson presents a new series of portraits of leading art figures including a.o. Ed Ruscha, Sean Scully, Mary McCartney, and Ai Weiwei.
These new works take contemporary portraiture into the digital realm. Capturing the sitters through photography and drawing their portrait on the iPad, the final work was then UV flatbed printed onto an array of materials.
Works can be seen in the ‘Henry Hudson - Microcosm’ exhibition that is currently taking place virtually on de PURY Presents and in Hudson’s London studio.

de PURY Presents

de Pury launches Presents allowing people unique access to the most talented artists of their generation. Capturing and sharing the beauty of the works both digitally and in person.
Henry Hudson in front of some iPads
Launched on the success of Simon de Pury’s Instagram account. It has become a community built around the passion of discovery and collecting. Curating the art, ceramics, music, collectibles and design shaping our contemporary culture now and in the future.
de PURY Presents will be launched by artists Henry Hudson and Vanessa Beecroft.