Gianluca Pacchioni

Headshot courtesy of Federico Guida

de PURY Presents Gianluca Pacchioni - a new exhibition of sculptural works by Milan-based artist Gianluca Pacchioni which ran from November 7th - December 18th 2022.

de PURY Presents a new exhibition of sculptural works by Milan-based artist Gianluca Pacchioni. On display, 15 sculptures that capture Pacchioni’s experimental approach to traditional craftsmanship and the evolution of his practice over three decades. 'Gianluca Pacchioni' was available to view at the artist’s nature-filled studio in Milan, by appointment only, and online at from November 7 - December 18th 2022, with all works for sale. 

Pacchioni is a self-taught artist who began working with metal in 1990 while living in Paris. Since then, he has masterfully created art design collections and sculptures by combining the traditions of Italian artisans with modern and unconventional techniques. The exhibition presents pieces spanning Pacchioni’s early career to the present, including hand-carved works of brass, bronze, iron, Onyx, and stainless steel. In recent years, Pacchioni has incorporated concrete, alabaster, and precious stones from around the world into his designs. Pacchioni’s sculptures are a homage to the beautiful yet powerful force of nature, which exposes the fragility of humanity. The artist also draws aesthetic inspiration from modern artists like Constantin Brâncuși and Alberto Giacometti, contemporary artists like Antony Gormley, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor as well as from Italian Classicism, Japanese Minimalism, and the beauty of Parisian life. 

'Tropicality' is a recurrent theme in Pacchioni’s work, inspired by the charged, electric state of being one encounters when facing the primitive force of tropical nature. To immerse himself in this same atmosphere, Pacchioni has surrounded his studio and foundry, a former factory dating to the 1930s, with a foliage-rich garden populated with plants from Madagascar, Thailand, Lamu, and beyond. Hidden in this oasis, Pacchioni works in collaboration with local Milanese craftspeople to preserve the traditional art. 

The exhibition, curated by Simon de Pury, presents a series of sculptural lighting and sculptures, each defined by prominent form and delicately carved lines that have been hand-cut by Pacchioni. While this reflects nature’s overpowering strength, its fragility is visualised in the golden, solidified molten and patina finishes that are magnifications of the intricate details Pacchioni observes in his luxuriant garden. 

“Gianluca Pacchioni is an artist, sculptor, designer, architect, and gardener all at once. He has created a unique universe in his inspiring home and studio in Milano. His knowledge of metals, precious stones, and textures is extraordinary and enables him to create works that perpetuate the beauty and tradition of Italian craftsmanship while being innovative in design. When I have visited Pacchioni’s gloriously tranquil garden, I have always felt inspired, restored, and closer to the natural world. It is my delight to share fifteen works created during Pacchioni’s rich career and to share with art lovers and collectors the beauty of his work.” - Simon de Pury

Exhibition photography courtesy of Lorenzo Pennati

Videography courtesy of Chiara Bini

"I am talking about moments, not only sculpture. A combination of people, places, intentions, elements, lights and tropical influences that seem to display a very emotional state of things. My immature drift into art and its desires.
I’ve always thought that life is the art of encounter and with Simon was exactly the same.
Two passionate and curious people met. Sharing the vision of telling a beautiful story.
Simon's knowledge and enthusiastic experience merged with mine while creating this exhibition.
I hope we will be able to convey this magical alchemy to art lovers." - Gianluca Pacchioni