WOMEN - Art In Times of Chaos

de Pury presents Vanessa Beecroftde Pury presents Vanessa Beecroft
de PURY Presented ‘WOMEN – Art In Times Of Chaos’ a game changing virtual exhibition and live auction, which presented artworks by outstanding contemporary women artists that had been created over the last two and a half years. The exhibition of artworks ran from August 5 here on de-pury.com, with the live auction online on August 25.
Each artist was invited to participate by offering an artwork of their choice that has been created no earlier than 2019. In doing so, the exhibition spotlights and celebrates the work of women artists that have been created during the recent turbulent times.
100% of the Hammer Price will go to the artist and the gallery that represents them.
In addition, 3% (of the Hammer Price) will be deducted from the Buyer’s Premium and paid out to ‘UN Women’, the United Nations organisation that is the largest women’s charity in the world and delivers programmes, policies and standards that uphold women's human rights.
'Whilst compiling a list of the contemporary artists I most admire today, I realized that the vast majority of them are women. In recent years the art market and the art world, more generally, have finally begun to correct the chronic under appreciation of the seminal contributions made by women artists. The red-hot demand for young women artists at auction is precisely the motivation behind this new initiative. These newly set record prices have benefitted the collectors who had been lucky enough to buy those works on the primary market and are now cashing in. Our approach with this new series is to cut out this speculation and to have the artists, as well as the dealers who champion their work, be the main financial beneficiaries.' - Simon de Pury
De Pury Presents Day 90 of War Tn
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Chloe Wise   Feelings for You
De Pury Presents Minjung Kim Tn
De Pury Presents Genieve Figgis 2022 Tn
2 Pearl Shell (1)
De Pury Presents A.zuckerman Chaos Reigns Tn
De Pury Presents Phyllis Stevens in Full Bloom Cut off Tn
De Pury Presents Thandiwe Muriu Camo 2021 Tn
De Pury Presents Obstacles in the World of Form Tn
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De Pury Presents Ccomte Heart of a Star Zigzag Jungle Series 2019 Tn
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